Thin Section Bearings

INA's Thin Section Bearings have high precision, are very quiet and have high load carrying capacity. These ball bearings are available in three different designs and have an extremely small, predominantly square cross-section. Within each series, the cross-section remains constant even for larger shaft diameters and housing bores. The bearings are therefore also described as Constant Section (CS). This special feature distinguishes thin section bearings from conventional bearings as standardised in ISO series.

It is therefore possible to select a larger cross-section and thus use a bearing with higher load carrying capacity without the need to change the shaft diameter as well. Thin section bearings allow designs to be achieved that are extremely light and require little space.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings | Four Point Contact Bearings | Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Thin section bearings are available as deep groove ball bearings (C), four point contact bearings (X) and angular contact ball bearings (E). Each of these designs is available in various series. The series correspond to the cross-section sizes. The balls are matched to the series.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings can support axial loads from both directions as well as radial loads.

Four Point Contact Bearings can support axial loads from both directions as well as radial loads; they thus act in the same way as double row angular contact ball bearings.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings can be filled with an optimised number of balls and have a contact angle of 30°. They can support considerably higher radial loads than deep groove ball bearings or four point contact bearings are can support axial loads from one direction. For special requirements, angular contact ball bearings are also available as matched bearings. These combinations then have a significantly higher rigidity and load carrying capacity than single bearing solutions.

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